Community Matters

We feel a very strong commitment to philanthropy and the communities in which we live. We know of many deserving charitable organizations that are in need of help. In the past we sent holiday greetings to our clients and after a few years came to the realization that the funds could be put to better use. Thus began our annual charitable donation initiative. We let our clients know and the response was overwhelming! We took it a step further and asked our clients for names of their favorite charities, and once again, we were thankful to receive such great feedback and new ideas!

Our team felt that by making our giving program a monthly endeavor it would allow us to benefit many more charities. Each team member at Wells Financial Partners takes turns selecting an organization that is meaningful and dear to them individually, yet always keeping in mind the charities suggested by our clients. 

To date we are proud to have donated over $45,000 to charity, and each year endeavor to increase our community involvement and financial support to worthy causes. We invite you to check out the list of organizations we are honored to have supported below.

This month our $750 donation went to these two important and timely charities: 


Gifts Of Hope 

Gifts Of Hope supports and assist individuals affected by relationship violence gain access to resources for a safe and empowered future.


Runway For Recovery


Runway For Recovery helps children who have lost their mothers to breast cancer as well as helping with the financial, logistical and emotional help for those affected by caring for a loved one with breast cancer.