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Even though both my parents were from the Boston Area – my Mom born and bred in Scituate; my Dad hailed from Dorchester spending his summers on the Irish Riviera – AKA Scituate which is where they met – I was born in a suburb of Chicago.  My father was a very successful salesman for Johnson and Johnson so was frequently asked to relocate which explains why I was born in Illinois while each of my three older sisters were born in different states around the country. When I was five my Mom said she missed Scituate terribly prompting my Dad to leave J&J and move the family into my Grandparent’s cottage in Scituate.  Dad joined a local real estate company and quickly became a co-owner.  Within a few months he purchased my Mom her dream home on the beach.

All my life I figured that after graduating college I would get my real estate license and work for my Dad. He was on board with that idea but wanted me to get my feet wet and get some business experience. Two weeks after graduating from college I began working at Putnam Investments as a shareholder services representative. It was a terrific learning and enriching experience. Father Knows Best!

A few months into my tenure I passed my Series 6 and 63 securities licenses, loved working in downtown Boston and taking advantage of all that it had to offer. The thought of becoming a real estate agent faded away as my Putnam career advanced, learning new things every day, and taking on greater responsibilities.  Seventeen years later I was definitely a seasoned employee.

During this time, I met and married my husband, Dave, a native Nebraskan, making my life more complete. After renting for 6 years we bought our first home. Such an exciting time because shortly after we were blessed with an addition to our family! Our beautiful son Alex was born in 2000, named in tribute to his paternal grandfather carrying on the family name. If you do a web search on Alexander Legge you will read that my son’s great, great uncle graced the cover of Time Magazine in 1930 in recognition of his achievements, having world-wide distinction as a farming implement industrial leader and who also had a role in developing the Treaty of Versailles. As my father likes to say, not too shabby!

Around his second birthday Alex was diagnosed with Autism. I made the decision to leave Putnam to be with Alex at the critical juncture when he transitioned from Early Intervention services to a therapeutic Pre-School.

I began raising awareness and volunteering for national and local autism and special needs’ charities. I immensely enjoyed the opportunity to give back and feel as though I was doing something meaningful.

I ultimately became Co-Chair of the Greater Boston Walk Now for Autism Speaks as well as Ambassador and Chair of their Community Outreach Committee speaking locally to advocate, educate and raise awareness. Over the years my family has raised over $150,000 toward researching causes, better interventions, helping families in need, subsidizing family recreation opportunities and funding service grants.

A few years after leaving Putnam, I decided to look for a part time position in the financial services industry. A job listing for Wells Financial Partners seemed promising as they were looking for someone with financial services experience. I like to say they met my needs and I met theirs – I can say this with a fair amount of confidence because 12 years and counting, here I am!

In my free time, I enjoy puzzles and board games of all kinds (I come from a long line of avid puzzle doers and game players), playing tennis, relaxing on my favorite Scituate beach, hunting for sea glass, going to concerts, listening to my husband strum his guitar and sing duets with my son, doing Zumba and most of all, spending time with my dear family and friends.       

Having over 25 years’ experience, my entire career has been focused on client service and relationship management.  I enjoy problem solving and working with clients to satisfy their operational needs. As the firm's senior client service liaison I look forward to talking with clients and helping them in any way I can.